The Lifelong Quest for Chivalry

Chivalry isn’t just kids’ stuff – discovering and exploring the principles of chivalry is part of an ongoing commitment to improving one’s life, and making your community and your world a better place. Children may be entranced by images of shining knights and their fantastic quests, but the complex and nuanced ideals of chivalry require serious study and understanding to be put into practice in the course of daily life.

In short, there are plenty of reasons that adults are interested in learning about the history of knights and the values of chivalry – and at Chivalry Today, we’re happy to work with you to bring one of our presentations to your recreational club, civic group meeting, church function, or continuing educational program.

​We offer several standard presentations detailed below – but please contact us if you are interested in creating something unique to meet the needs of your group. Chivalry Today has worked with many organizations.

image of Scott Farrell speaks at Kiwanis Club

Chivalry Today program director Scott Farrell speaks about chivalry to a chapter of the San Diego Kiwanis Society.

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We would be happy to introduce your group to the Code of Chivalry. Please see below to learn more about the adult programs and workshops we offer.

Adult Programs and Workshops

Author’s Knight: Martial Arts & Philosophy

When it comes to chivalry, Chivalry Today program director Scott Farrell does more than talk – he puts the principles of chivalry to work in the growing, competitive field known as Western martial arts, the practice of historically accurate sword combat. The newly published book Martial Arts And Philosophy includes Scott’s chapter Sir Aristotle and the Code of Chivalry, which discusses the similarities between the C.S. Lewis’s writings on chivalry and Aristotle’s system of virtue ethics. With this book on the shelves, Scott is delighted to make an author’s visit to groups that have an interest in philosophy, martial arts, writing or medieval history to discuss his work on the book and the use of martial arts as a study of philosophy.

If you would like to have Scott Farrell at your group’s meeting or function for an “author’s knight,” please contact us. As part of the program, Scott will personally autograph copies of Martial Arts And Philosophy following the presentation.

cover image of Martial Arts & Philosophy

Western Martial Arts (WMA) Workshops

Although the term martial arts is usually associated with Asian practices like karate or judo, there are an array of martial arts drawn from historical European (or Western) military training and arts of defense. (That’s where the word fencing comes from!) Chivalry Today offers hands-on programs designed to give participants a look at how the knights, soldiers and fencing masters from the 14th and 15th centuries trained for battle, tournament and self defense, using equipment such as the longsword, poll axe, and buckler.

​These safe, low-impact training workshops are designed to appeal to a broad range of interests: historical reenactors, theatrical fight choreographers, athletes seeking serious cross-training, and fitness enthusiasts who just want a new and engaging style of aerobic exercise. Workshops can include either contact or non-contact training, depending upon your preference and level of expertise. All of Chivalry Today’s WMA training workshops are conducted with the utmost focus on trust and safety, as well as historical authenticity.

​Chivalry Today’s WMA workshops can be scheduled as single-session events, or as an ongoing series of training exercises. Certain facility (space) and participant experience qualifications must be met in order to schedule one of our WMA workshops; Please contact Chivalry Today for more information about this program.

Mythbusters of the Age of Chivalry

There are a lot of misconceptions about knights, armor and the Age of Chivalry. Have you heard any of these?:

  • A knight’s sword weights 50 pounds!
  • Knights couldn’t get on horseback without using a crane!
  • Women couldn’t be knights or fight in battles!
  • The Code of Chivalry was only for storybook knights! (the most common myth of all)

In Chivalry Today’s presentation Mythbusters Of The Age Of Chivalry, you’ll get an overview of some of the things “everyone knows” about knights, armor, castles and the Code of Chivalry (which are myths based on Hollywood movies, romance novels and video game images). Using authentic historical background information and hands-on historical interpretative techniques, Scott Farrell will demonstrate the reality behind these myths, so you can see if they’re confirmed, plausible or busted!

This is a great presentation for any group with an interest in history and historical detail – book clubs, senior centers, tour groups, trivia buffs, libraries and theater-goers. Contact Chivalry Today for details about Mythbusters Of The Age Of Chivalry.

Custom Presentations

Don’t see what you need? Don’t forget, Chivalry Today is happy to work with your organization to create a unique presentation with a specialty focus to meet your needs. Chivalry Today’s program director Scott Farrell has worked with some of the world’s leading museums and historical interpretation projects, he has more than a decade of experience as a journalist and talk show host, and is a skilled stage actor and informational speaker. Whatever your interest in knights, castles, swords, arms and armor, or the code of chivalry, we can create a presentation that will be entertaining, informative and memorable.

Contact Chivalry Today to find out more.