Shocks and Chivalry

There are those (men and women) who truly exemplify the Code of Chivalry. These are the ones who give of themselves unselfishly and expect nothing in return. These are the keepers of that noble concept, the true essence of chivalry.

In my Junior year of high school I remember working at a local hotel as front desk clerk. Times were good as we were nearing the end of that high school milestone but I remember barely having enough money to buy a car to get me around. My parents helped in every way they could but times and budgets were still tight. I was involved in the drama deptment at our high school and had become close friends with the director of the deptartment Mr. Phillips. Mr. Phillips was a rare breed; a gentleman, scholar and an outstanding father and husband who was completely devoted to his wife and son. He was (and is) one of the most valiant individuals I’ve ever come across.

I remember one evening as I was driving home from a drama practice on the other side of town. Mr. Phillips just happened to be following me on his way home. Over the course the previous months, the shocks in my car had become increasingly worse to the point that every crack in the road made my car bounce tremendously (and it was quite noticeable from the outside also). I was proud of my car but couldn’t afford the $100 to replace the shocks. I just kept driving day after day until one Sunday afternoon there was a knock on the door of my house. It was Mr. Phillips — he had purchased a set of shocks for me from his own pocket and brought them over for my father and I to install.

I forgot to mention that Mr. Phillips was also a master auto technician and a genius when it came to fixing anything on four wheels so he knew I was unsafe driving like I was. He didn’t stick around to accept thanks, he just came and went. Whenever I hear of chivalric tales or knightly acts, Mr. Phillips is the first face that comes to my mind.

Nic Collins, Texas

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