The Knight of the Air Pump

Not too long ago I was driving to choir practice at church when I looked at the clock and saw I was going to be really early, so I stopped at a gas station on the way to pick up some water and a candy bar. This car pulled up behind me and the gentlemen in the driver’s seat yelled out to me, “Miss, your front tire is really low. You need to get some air in there.”

I looked down and saw my tire was practically on the rim it needed air badly. I smiled, said thanks and went into the carry-out. As I walked around I tried to decide what to do. I am a 23-year-old girl who knows very little about cars. I have always had a boyfriend or my father put air in my tire as I sat in the car waiting, so I had no clue how to do it. I had this mental picture of me opening the valve and the image of a balloon flying around the room as the air was let out of it. I decided that since I didn’t know where the station’s air pump was, I would just wait until I got home, then I would have my dad help me.

I walked back out to my car and as I buckled my seat belt I looked up and there it was the air pump was two feet in front of me. I smiled and mumbled “I get it.” But that didn’t solve the problem of me not knowing how to use the pump or how to put air in the tire. So I put my car in reverse and turned to back out.

Then I saw the black Impala pulling in to get gas. As I continued to back up I saw who got out of the car — my knight in shining armor, Dave. He is a cousin of mine who I don’t know too well but have seen around the church, where he is very involved. I put my car in drive and pulled back into my parking spot got out and walked over to him. We chatted about things for a bit and I finally asked “Could you do me a favor?

He looked at me funny. “Sure.”

Then the words just tumbled out of my mouth, “Some guy said I need air in my tire and I don’t know how to do it, my dad has always done it for me and… could you help?”

He laughed and smiled. “Sure. Let me just finish up, where is the air pump?”

“Right in front of my car,” I responded.

He said, “Okay, be right over.”

A short time later Dave walked over, grabbed the air hose and checked my tire. “You’re really low. It’s really easy. This is what you do.” Then he showed me how to use the air hose and check the tire pressure.

When he finished I said thanks and we both headed for the church, he was on his way to a bible study and I still had choir. As I drove I thanked the Lord for helping me and sending all the signs.

As I sat there waiting for practice to start I thought about what had happened. Dave had helped me in a time of need. I was pretty helpless standing there looking at my flat tire. I had no idea how to add air and probably would not have made it to the church and back home without really messing my rim up. Not only did Dave help me out of a rough situation, he didn’t make me feel stupid for not knowing how to take care of it. Plus, he didn’t just fix it and walk away — he showed me how to do it myself in case it ever happened again. I am so grateful there are still good people out there ready to help someone in distress.

Christina Cordes, Ohio

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