Tragedy, Leadership and Chivalry

One of the basic tenets of chivalry is to provide help for the needy and to protect those in peril.

With that in mind, news reports indicating that the government in Myanmar is denying aid for a quarter-million people left homeless and hungry due to national disaster seemed appalling enough. Even worse – according to today’s news – is that the government is taking food, medicine and water provided by international relief efforts and “redirecting” it – so that it will appear to the people of the country that the help is coming from the military government.

Using tragedy and suffering to score political points seems about as far from the ideals of chivalry as you can get.

But it’s worth remembering, whenever we think that chivalry is obsolete or unnecessary in today’s world, that there are still leaders who’ll do such things.

Read more here: Military Junta Hands Out Aid in Myanmar

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