Warrior Camp

2019 Warrior Camps

Team Touche Fencing 

LionHeart Academy 

June 17 - 21

June 24 - 28

July 15 - 19

 July 8 - 12

August 19 - 23 (tentative)

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Chivalry Today has developed our Summer Warrior Camp program to help children explore their natural curiosity about images and tales of heroic warriors of the past. During this week long camp children and teens learn about, and practice the battle-skills of the historic warriors they may have seen in movies, TV shows, books, or video games – warriors like the medieval knight, the Norman, and English archers!

Our immersive, adventure camp-style activities provide children with a variety of benefits:

  • Challenging, healthy physical activities under the close supervision of Chivalry Today’s educational staff. 
  • Authentic details about historical warrior cultures, equipment, and skills that dispel the myths and misconceptions they may have gotten from other sources.
  • A sense of dignity and respect for the skills and tools of real warriors (including those in the modern world) as they see that warfare and battle, though sometimes necessary, are not “play”.
  • A personal understanding of the values of the “warrior code” that guides soldiers in their duties, sets the boundaries of aggressive and violent behavior, and builds the sense of respect and trustworthiness that makes soldiers and warriors valued members of a peaceful, functioning society.

For every youngster who has used a trash can lid as a shield, a broomstick as a lance, or a piece of plastic kitchenware as a helmet (and, yes, Chivalry Today’s instructors have done all of those things when we were young) Warrior Camp brings the image of a heroic warrior to life.


Campers meet and interact with modern warrior guest speakers while learning about how the code of chivalry applies to modern day warriors in a special interactive presentation designed to encourage critical thinking skills.            

Young warriors get to see armored knights in action, try on real historically accurate armor replicas, and handle weapons (while closely supervised) as they prepare to learn historically accurate combat techniques that will be applied in later camp activities -with foam weapons of course!

Teamwork, action, and fun rule the day as young warriors put their skills to use on the battlefield in a variety of challenging melee scenarios. These team games emphasize good sportsmanship, fair play, and respectful competition - along with providing lots of energy-burning exercise for youngsters.