Wearing Chivalry On Your Sleeve

Chivalry Today needs your support!


We need your support to help continue our educational presentations for as many schools, libraries, churches, youth groups, camps, and other organizations as we can.

We need your support to keep our monthly Chivalry Today Podcast on line so you can hear the voices of today’s top scholars, researchers, authors, and interpreters in the fields of literature and medieval/chivalry studies.

We need your support to help us continue our Swords Of Chivalry historical sword-combat classes, and Warrior Camp After School Activity Program.

And we need your support to keep this website, our Facebook page, and other on-line resources available to teachers, history enthusiasts, and chivalry fans all around the world.

Is that enough? Are we working hard enough to earn your support with a financial donation of whatever level you can afford?

Well, we hope so. But in case you need just an added nudge – one last spark of added incentive – we’re offering you one more motivator: some Chivalry Today swag! A beautiful Chivalry Today T-shirt!

If you make a donation of just $25 to the Chivalry Today Program, we’ll reward you with a comfortable T-shirt with the Chivalry Today logo, along with an eye-catching image of two armored knights in honorable tournament battle. In the photo at the top of the page, you can see a picture of the shirt, modeled in courtly fashion by the Lady Judges at the 2011 Tournament of the Phoenix jousting event — along with a trio of unruly marshals and judges attired in 15th century garb. (The six of them are attempting to show some sort of meaningful hand signal – possibly “Live long and prosper”?)

PLUS: If you make a $25 donation before Dec. 31, 2011, we’ll toss in a travel mug with the Chivalry Today logo as well – a $10 value free just for taking advantage of this timely, end-of-year offer.

In 2011 Chivalry Today has worked with more teachers and more schools than ever before, teaching lessons in chivalry, honor, and the Knightly Virtues to more than 7,000 students in the Southern California area, and more than 6,000 listeners of our on-line podcast. We want to continue spreading the values of the code of chivalry – but to do that, we need your support.

Please, help Chivalry Today with a $25 donation right now – and as a way of showing our appreciation, we’ll let you wear chivalry on your sleeve (and your chest) with a Chivalry Today T-shirt.

Please specify your preferred T-shirt size – M, L, XL, or XXL – when making your donation.

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