Be Worthy of Chivalry

Honor and courtesy are gifts which should be accepted graciously

We sometimes go through life oblivious to the valuable gifts that are given to us every day. Many years ago, I heard a phrase which made me realize the importance of recognizing acts of kindness and chivalry. I’ve never forgotten it:

“Lords, honor all ladies. Ladies, be worthy of all honor.”

Pretty powerful for ten little words. There are two sides to the coin of honor and chivalry. A woman can show chivalry, and anyone (man or woman) can appreciate a demonstration of respect.

Nothing angers me more than when a man opens the door for a woman with her arms full and he is rebuffed by someone’s twisted interpretation of women’s liberation with a comment like “I could have done it myself.” That woman was not acting in a manner which is worthy of honor.

We must not only exhibit chivalry and honor in our daily lives, but also graciously accept and appreciate acts of kindness, courtesy and chivalry when they are offered to us.

© 2002 Dawn Chleborad

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